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A community-led effort to make compost bins free and accessible

Image by sippakorn yamkasikorn

From Buckets to Bins

​We upcycle bulk ingredient buckets and turn them into free worm compost bins. Here's how!

  1. Local grocery stores and bakeries donate their empty bulk ingredient buckets to us

  2. We drill holes in the bottom of a bucket, stack it inside another, and add a lid

  3. We then fill the bucket with browns, greens, and Red Wiggler worms 

  4. We share our worm compost bins with members of our community

  5. The worms get to work eating food scraps, garden waste, and even junk mail

  6. After they’re done eating, the worms poop out compost

  7. The compost is then ready to add to your garden bed, house plants, and lawn!

Creating Real Change in Landfill Diversion

540 Buckets
Saved from Landfills to Date

Garbage in Nature
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