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Two hands holding compost with worms.

A Community-Led Effort To Make Composting Free And Accessible

Food waste is an urgent global challenge that necessitates immediate action from everyone. Luckily, composting provides a powerful solution to reducing methane emissions by diverting rotting food from landfills, all while sequestering carbon in the soil, improving soil structure, reducing water runoff, and eliminating reliance on synthetic agriculture fertilizers.

Who We Are

Let's Go Compost is a 501(c)(3) non-profit with a mission to make composting free and accessible throughout the United States. Our goal is to revolutionize waste management, reduce landfill waste, and combat harmful greenhouse gas emissions. Our programs are community-led with a focus on supporting school gardens and community gardens, all working to ensure composting and free food waste drop off sites reach all, irrespective of location or income.

We have a steadfast commitment to promoting accessible and free composting practices. Through our comprehensive programs, we aim to realize our mission, uphold our core values, and work towards our collective goals. These programs collectively cater to diverse segments of the community and play a pivotal role in fostering sustainable practices and environmental stewardship.

Thank You to Our Supporters

Our Mission

To make composting free and accessible throughout the United States.

Our Overarching Goals

How We Will Meet Our Mission

  • Provide workforce development to grow the composting industry

  • Encourage and aid the development of decentralized composting infrastructure

  • Provide public education to proactively reduce compost contamination and increase demand for infrastructure

A Comprehensive Strategy to Reaching Zero Organic Waste

We take a bottom-up and top-down approach to integrating composting as a standard life practice, connecting businesses, schools, and residents with the solutions they need to reach zero organic waste in their day-to-day lives. From the ground up, we engage with communities directly, offering education programs and hands-on workshops to raise awareness and provide practical composting skills. Through our partnerships with local organizations, we empower individuals and households with the tools and knowledge needed to start composting at home.


From the top down, we collaborate with municipalities, businesses, and educational institutions to create and implement comprehensive composting programs. We advocate for accessible, affordable composting infrastructure and provide consulting services to help businesses and schools develop effective waste management strategies. By making composting free and accessible through public education, financial support, and infrastructure development, we aim to foster a culture of sustainability and significantly reduce organic waste on a larger scale. This dual approach ensures composting will become an integral part of daily life for all, regardless of location or income, contributing to a greener world for tomorrow.

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