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Two hands holding compost with worms.

A Community-Led Effort To Make Composting Free And Accessible

Climate change is an urgent global challenge that necessitates immediate action from everyone. Composting provides a powerful solution to reduce methane emissions, sequester carbon in the soil, replace synthetic fertilizers in agriculture, reduce the need for energy-intensive nitrogen-based fertilizer, improve soil structure, water retention, and nutrient content, and reduce water runoff and evaporation.


At Let's Go Compost, we lead with education, informing the public about composting's environmental significance and the diverse composting services available. Our vision is to create a sustainable world for tomorrow, offering numerous programs to in-need communities to support their waste mitigation efforts . By making composting free and accessible through public education, financial, and infrastructure support, we will be able to make a true difference and create a greener world for tomorrow.

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