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We're helping facilities reach their zero-waste goals.

We work with companies, non-profit organizations, schools, and beyond to make a tangible impact on their waste outputs. Specialized in composting, waste audits, and circular solutions, working with our team allows brands to concentrate on their own core missions while we focus on efficient waste management and minimization. Thanks to our teams expertise, we guide brands towards their zero-waste objectives, ensuring affordable sustainable solutions are implemented without compromising their bottom line.


Meet Phoenix Herpetological Sanctuary (PHS), the largest reptile sanctuary in the United States and a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization focused on reptile rescue, rehabilitation, and conservation education. Since PHS's inception in 2001, the staff and volunteers of PHS have dedicated the majority of their time to rescuing reptiles, and many times rehabilitating those reptiles. Their services have grown over the years from solely taking in unwanted reptile pets to rattlesnake removal, rattlesnake removal training, helping take in and reunite lost and found reptiles, working with law enforcement agencies for illegal or confiscated animals, and even helping special needs reptiles. Emphasizing that "Conservation Begins With Education," PHS also spends much of their time in the public space, educating about the amazing animals that are reptiles through school presentations and exhibits. On average, they house XXX reptiles and animals - meaning they deal with a LOT of waste.


In January 2024, Let's Go Compost began working with PHS to find an organic waste solution for their facility to handle inedible food donations, enclosure bedding, and manure. Beginning first with education, Let’s Go Compost was able to provide workshops and materials connecting PHS’s conservation efforts with the impact their zero-waste facility could have on the reptiles and animals they serve. From books to compost tumblers to visual aids for facilities tours (showcasing PHS’s efforts to compost), the facility began their zero-waste journey with full steam ahead.


Thanks to a generous sponsorship by WeCare Denali in May 2024, all organic waste is now being composted from their site at the City of Phoenix Composting Facility, with an estimated XXX lbs. of organic waste composted each week. Not only will discarded vegetation and bedding now be turned into nutrient-rich soil, but the site is now reducing their greenhouse gas emissions (GhG) by XXX - empowering their conservation efforts even further.


Let’s Go Compost is proud to have worked with PHS and WeCare Denali behind the scences to champion this zero-waste impact. By allowing Phoenix Herpetological Sanctuary to maintain its focus on reptile rescue, rehabilitation, and conservation education, Let's Go Compost was able to take charge behind the scenes to address the challenge of organic waste management within the facility and seamlessly integrate zero waste solutions without disrupting the facility’s day-to-day operations.

Slithering Into Sustainability: Phoenix Herpetological Sanctuary Hits Zero Organic Waste

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