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Let's Go Compost

Hands in the Dirt, Community in Our Hearts

Let's Go Compost is dedicated to driving composting initiatives and raising consciousness about the advantages of composting within local communities. By collaborating with school and community gardens, garden clubs, sustainability clubs, and the general public through free workshops, live demonstrations, composting tutorials, and Q&A sessions, we strive to make composting accessible to all households, regardless of socio-economic backgrounds and space constraints. We are also proud to sponsor many food waste collection and composting programs at community gardens across the United States. Together, we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions while creating nutrient-rich soil amendments.


A Proud Partner of Bee Friendly Gardening

Bee Friendly Gardening helps people play a bigger role in the health of pollinators and the planet. Over 85% of U.S. households have an outdoor living space; by converting some to much-needed habitat, together we can have a big impact. Your space can provide support to pollinators and other wildlife - no lawn, garden, balcony or window box is too small!  When you join BFG you will receive access to a suite of Member benefits as well as a supportive, inspirational community of fellow Bee Friendly Gardeners.  We hope you will join us today!

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