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Get Free Composting Tools for Your Classroom

Let's Go Compost is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to making composting free and accessible throughout the United States. Our mission is to revolutionize waste management, reduce landfill waste, and combat harmful greenhouse gas emissions. We work to ensure composting reaches all, irrespective of location or income.

Our K-12 STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) classroom composting program is designed to enrich the educational experience of students by integrating composting practices into the curriculum. Through this initiative, we aim to enhance environmental literacy, foster a deeper understanding of waste reduction and recycling, and inspire the next generation of environmentally conscious citizens. 

How We Can Support Your School's Composting Efforts

Please know our program offers tiered levels of support to ensure deep market saturation and strategic placement of our non-profit funding. These levels include (and are subject to change):

  1. General Public:

    • Anyone in the general public can engage with us via free webinars, public workshops, and downloadable curriculum modules to spark interest and awareness in composting.

  2. Individual Teacher:

    • Individual public school teachers can apply to receive a worm composting kit (indoor tower, outdoor tumbler, or outdoor in-ground garden bed worm bin) and accompanying age-appropriate composting-themed books.

  3. Individual School:

    • Public schools with multiple teachers offering our curriculum and worm composting kits can apply for additional tools, like vertical gardens and garden beds.

  4. District-wide Expansion:

    • Public school districts with multiple schools completing steps 1-3 can apply for bulk compost pick up for school cafeterias.

  5. City-wide Movement:

    • We enjoy working with directly with municipalities with multiple districts participating in our program on general public education for adults, with an emphasis on utilizing community gardens as free food waste drop off sites and free public workshops.

  6. Replication Across Cities:

    • We aim to replicate successful models across multiple cities within the county, ensuring deep and sustained saturation while advocating for organic waste policies. We are currently piloting the majority of our projects in Arizona, but invite any educator in the United States to apply.

Request Composting Support for Your School

Type of School
Is the school a Title 1 school at the time of application?
Who will be using the materials provided?
Are other schools in your district interested in receiving (or have already received) support from Let's Go Compost?
Are you willing to regularly share updates and photos of the program in use?

Thank you for registering. Selected schools will receive notice if they have been selected to receive composting materials. Please ensure your email allows messages from
Follow us at @LetsGoCompost for updates!

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