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FREE Lesson Plan: Chemical Reactions at Play - Understanding Composting's Chemical Processes

Ready to uncover the transformative power of composting and its implications for our planet? Want to embark on a chemical journey that will not only educate your students but also empower them to become stewards of the environment? Educators, dive into the STEAM principles behind composting and show your students how it contributes to soil health and environmental sustainability with this FREE composting lesson plan!

Lesson Plan: Chemical Reactions at Play: Understanding Composting's Chemical Processes


To deepen students' understanding of the chemical reactions involved in composting and their impact on the decomposition process.


Main Activities



Composting is a fascinating subject that intertwines several STEAM principles, from biology and chemistry to engineering and environmental science. By understanding the science behind composting, we can appreciate its significance in promoting soil health, reducing waste, and mitigating climate change. Embrace the transformative power of composting and inspire a sustainable future for our planet.

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