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Meet Let's Go Compost

Let’s Go Compost is a community-led effort to make compost bins free and accessible. We upcycle empty bulk ingredient bins into free, food-safe worm compost bins that are donated back to the community. In 2022 alone, we were able to divert 305 buckets from Arizona landfills and recycling centers!

Why Not Just Recycle?

Do you remembers the 3 R's of recycling: reduce, reuse, and recycle? We like to use that phrase in order. By first reducing the amount of plastic we use, then reusing what we can, and recycling what we can't, we can heavily reduce the impact on our landfills and recycling centers.
Woman hugging compost bin

Not-So-Fun Fact: Less than 5% of plastic that actually makes it to a recycling plant is actually recycled. The buckets we upcycle almost always have food residue on them, making them even less likely to be recycled.

Encouraging Reduction

Our waste reduction efforts are multifaceted and we hope to get put out of business because of it (Yes, you read that correctly).

Let's Go Compost primarily utilizes empty bulk ingredient buckets from chain bakeries to upcycle. Our goal is to advocate and encourage these brands to implement a true circular waste economy by offering rebates and refills for the buckets so they can be utilized for years - not just one time. Circulating these products (the buckets) reduces the amount of new materials (plastic) that needs to be created. Click here to learn more about the circular waste economy. Let’s Go Compost aims to show how implementing a small change in the supply chain can make a large impact, but that is going to take a good bit of time. So, what do we do until then?

Bulk ingredient buckets collected at Crumbl Cookies

Upcycling Bulk Ingredient Buckets

Until big brands are able to offer refill opportunities, thousands of 3.5 and 5.0 gallon bulk ingredient buckets are being thrown out each day around the world. These buckets are food-grade and incredible tools. We turn their trash into treasure by turning these buckets into free worm compost bins for the community. Worms are able to compost organic matter with speed, when compared to other methods of composting. Not just this, but worm compost bins thrive in indoor settings - meaning you don't need a yard, garden, or even a patio to be able to reduce your own waste. This is another step in our waste reduction efforts. We reduce the amount of plastic going into the landfills while you reduce the amount of food waste going into your trash can. What do you get out of it in the end? Vermicompost (worm poop), an incredible material that helps plants thrive (houseplants, included).

To learn more about how our worm bins work, and to sign up to get your own free worm compost bin, click here.


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